More flight hours approved for the Busselton Margaret River Airport

The City of Busselton has been given approval to operate regular public transport and charter services from 6am to midnight at the Busselton Margaret River Airport.

This is one hour more than the Environmental Protection Authority recommended, however, two hours more than the city’s current arrangements and five flights per week between 12 midnight and 6am. 

City of Busselton mayor Grant Henley said it was very good news and consistent with the city’s appeal to allow more flights.

“The determination is crucial for the city to attract regular public transport services to and from the East Coast,” he said.

“Feedback from airlines indicated that initially, services may need to operate during the newly approved hours”.

This outcome now sees an extra hour per day flying time for regular public transport services, two hours per day for charter services, five flights per week between 12 midnight and 6am and coincides with newly published flight paths.

Aircraft operators will, however, still need to comply with the noise management plan

The advice came from the Office of the Appeals Convenor that the Minister for Environment handed down his determination of the Busselton Margaret River Airport expansion.

The proposal comprised the introduction of additional aircraft types and operator types, as well as changes to the standard hours of operation, which included introducing five night-time flights per week.