A singleton’s survival guide to Valentine’s Day in 10 easy steps

Valentine’s Day. You either love it, or you hate it.

Unfortunately for those who hate it, February 14 can be more like Hell-entine’s Day than the lovefest that it’s meant to be. 

And no matter how much you remind yourself that it’s a Hallmark holiday, there is no shame getting a game plan to help last the painstakingly mushy 24 hours.

Lucky for you, we can help  you out.

1. Avoid any and all loved-up couples

You don’t put up with over the top public displays of affection any other day of the year, why do you have to do it on Valentine’s Day?

We get it guys – you love each other. Now get a room. Alone. Because nobody likes a bragger.

2. Dress to impress

We hear you: “But who are we trying to impress?” …. Why, yourselves, of course! 

Grab that one outfit which makes you feel amazing and strut yourself. If you look a million bucks, you’ll feel a million bucks.

​3. Spread the love

Now this might seem more of a tip for those loved-up couples we told to get a room, but bear with us here.

Just because you don’t have someone doting on you, doesn’t mean you can’t show a bit of love to someone else.

Throw a bit of a tip in when you get your morning coffee, give a total stranger a compliment or help an elderly person take their shopping to the car.

A little kindness goes a long way and not only will your small gestures make someone’s day, you will be left feeling all warm and fuzzy.

4. Remember the relief your credit card feels now that you’re single

Photo: iStock

Photo: iStock

A dozen red roses: $130. Dinner for two: $250.

The memories: Priceless – which is a good thing because you’re broke from the first two Valentine’s Day items. 

Remember how expensive Valentine’s Day was when you were in a relationship? Revel in the fact that you can now put that money towards something you actually want to spend money on.

5. Let’s get physical

Been dying to try that new hip hop yoga class? Or maybe you wanted to take up kick boxing? Whatever it is that floats your boat, now is the time to try it.

Not only will it give you the chance to get that pent up singles frustration out, exercise obviously produces endorphins which will trigger a positive reaction in the body.

6. Hello TV, my old friend

Photo: iStock

Photo: iStock

Remember that film your ex used to always roll their eyes at? We’re talking about those 90s teen flicks which is guaranteed to the be over dramatic and have a picture-perfect ending. 

Now is the time to watch it – when there is no one there to constantly complain about it.

(Note: This is not the time to watch The Notebook. At all. Just don’t do that to yourself).

7. Order a pizza

Now, eating your feelings away isn’t always going to be the answer but being alone with pizza is better than being alone, alone.

Plus no one is going to judge you when you order extra, extra cheese on your meatlovers.

Not a fan of pizza? Any takeaway would work just the same.

8. Download Tinder

Photo: iStock

Photo: iStock

Remember that old saying there are plenty more fish in the sea? Not only are you a fisherman trying to snag one of those fish, but to someone else, you may just be the fish.

Basically, it’s just a round about way of saying, you are not the last single girl/guy. And it’s time you reminded yourself there are other singles out there.

And hey, if you get a match, what’s a better confidence boost than that?

​9. Treat yourself

When was the last time you took a bubble bath? Or bought a bottle of wine that wasn’t chosen because it was the cheapest on the shelf?

Can’t remember? Well, now is the perfect time! Show yourself some love and treat yourself!

10. (Don’t want to be) All by myself!

Avoid going full Bridget Jones and organise some back up.

As we mentioned, you are not the only single person out there – get your friends together and host a movie night, joke about how loved up all the couples are, and have a good time. It’s really as simple as that.