Cornerstone Christian College Ball in photos

Cornerstone Christian College Year 12s celebrated their ball at Abbey Beach Resort on Friday, March 8.

A sea of parents and friends lined the driveway at the resort and cheered in students as they arrived by a variety of means.

Winner of the Best Arrival was Isabella Bedingfield, Domonique DeLuca, Aiden Lombard and Lydia Peak on a fleet of Harley Davidson Motorcycles, driven by their Dads and family friends.

Belle of the Ball was Abbey Stokes, and Beau of the Ball was her partner, Ronin Watt.

With a theme of 'A Night Under the Stars', the ballroom was decorated by fairylights and stars, with decorations going as detailed as the star cupcakes for desert.

Images supplied by Cornerstone Christian College and Dianne Fraser.