Par 3 in West Busselton encouraging a new generation of golfers

The Par 3 at Old Broadwater Farm in West Busselton have a special offer to get more people playing golf by offering players the chance to play nine-holes for $9.

According to The Par 3 business manager Matt Mansfield, the promotion is not intended to lower green fees, but to activate interest from new and seasoned players.

“Golf is a great way to socialise and keep fit, however there is still a general perception among many people that golf is only for the wealthy," he said.

"We want to remove the stigma that golf is an elitist sport by giving locals the chance to see how accessible and affordable golf could be.

“We want more people taking up golf and that means we need to evolve to be more inclusive of younger and more diverse players and we think 9 FOR 9 will help achieve that.

"We also know golf delivers a host of health benefits, both mental and physical, and we would like to see a greater portion of the community enjoying these benefits.”

Mr Mansfield said many novice golfers found larger and more professionally focused courses to be a little intimidating which could create a barrier to pursuing the sport further.

“Golf is as much a physical game as it is a mental one, so it’s important players, and especially those new to the game, feel relaxed when picking up a club,” he said.

The rules, etiquette, and traditions of golf can be complex for the uninitiated, and that’s why The Par 3 at Old Broadwater Farm takes a more relaxed approach.

Mr Mansfield said The Par 3 offered the perfect entry level experience for new golfers, however it was equally popular with golfers wanting to improve their short game or a less physically demanding game.

“We see ourselves as a grooming ground for new and emerging golfers and those who simply want to enjoy a little bit of golf and have a whole lot of fun on a more regular basis,” he said.

The offer runs until the end of April,