Next Level Monkey Business | Road testing the high ropes and zip line course in Dunsborough

If you are looking for school holiday activities over Easter be sure to check out Next Level Monkey Business in Dunsborough.

The adrenaline packed high-ropes and zip line park opened earlier this year, with rope courses to suit children aged as young as four years old and adults.

With four different courses of ropes, even the most fainthearted can start at a low height to conquer walking, balancing, climbing and zip lining before they work their way further up the trees.

The higher levels were designed to challenge the most experienced climbers.

I took along seven-year old Angus Seabrooke to help road test the park, he told me it was the best thing he had ever done.

Bree Judson completed the mega zip line course, which zips adventure lovers 100 metres across a lake. She said it gave her more adrenaline than a cup of coffee.

"It was so much fun, I would do it again," she said

Next Level Monkey Business owner Ali Martin said they came up with the idea after their family travelled around Australia and did zip lining on the East Coast.

"The best thing we did as a family was zip lining as we could do it all together and achieve something together," she said.

"We had to bring something like this to Dunsborough, we have lived here for 23 years and had worked here on the site, we knew it would be the perfect spot.

"Families have different aged children, you want something that everyone can do, we have park benches everywhere, and we've had grandparents come along, sit and watch so everyone is involved.

"It is not hard, we did not want something that was really complicated, we wanted something that was really easy, challenging and fun."

Ms Martin said it was amazing to see the park in action after they first had dreams of building it more than five years ago.

After searching the globe to develop the park, the Martins found a company in Lithuania that could make courses safely so once people were clipped on they would not come off.

"We wanted the park designed so people would want to do again without getting bored, and so that little ones could have a go as well," Ms Martin said.

The nature playground is also equipped with a cafe and balcony overlooking the park and is located next to Clancy's Fish Pub on Caves Road.

The owners have plans to install lighting so the park could be used for night climbs during summer months, and they plan on extending the course to make it bigger going forward.

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