Joe's surf report | Monster swell predicted for the South West

Well it's the Easter holidays which is generally one of busiest times in the South West for surf with everyone from retirees to frothing grommets fighting for their share of waves.

The local surf breaks are normally swamped with people which is great for local business as the tourists consume many a meat pie from the bakery.

Another attraction which has gained massive popularity over the years is the natural Injidup Spa.

Visitors from all over the world pack this little rock pool for the holiday selfie and it has exploded in popularity due to social media and tourism websites.

It was only six years ago there wasn't anyone down at the carpark except for fishermen or bodyboarders out at the Wedge but these days it's full.

The sand builds up over summer and creates a spectacular beach overlooked by the rocky cliffs and a small bay which produces one of the worlds heaviest waves called the Wedge.

While the visitors get their photos at the natural spa there are surfers enjoying the powerful surf on the other side of the rocks which is only there for a maximum of six months a year.

However it's around this time, once we start getting the bigger swells, that the beach starts getting washed away and it's a sad time for those who have enjoyed the Wedge over the warmer months and now have to say a fond farewell until next season.

There have been some big swells recently and more on the way as the sand banks get washed around and change the wave shapes.

While some great breaks like the Wedge get dismantled, there are other banks forming at the crowd favourite Rabbit Hill - so it's time to embrace the change and bring on the seasonal waves.

Forecast: Monster swells this week with a 5m swell due on Friday and strong SW winds. Saturday drops to 4m with SSW winds so check out the bays and points. Easter Sunday calms down with clean offshore winds and a solid 2.2m swell so there should be some good waves around. Hotspot: Bunker Bay, Fri/Sat.