Helping others get away

Experience the outdoors: Clive and Tania Weston love living in the South West and can't wait to help others make their camper trailer holiday dreams come true.

Experience the outdoors: Clive and Tania Weston love living in the South West and can't wait to help others make their camper trailer holiday dreams come true.

Husband and wife duo Clive and Tania Weston had been travelling to and camping in the South West for more than 20 years when they made the decision to make the big move from Perth 2011.

Now, almost a decade later, they have made another of their dreams come true by opening Cape Camper Trailers in December of last year.

"Previously we had a towbar/4WD accessory business in Morley which we owned and operated for over 11 years," Clive said.

"During that time we had several different pop-tops and caravans and used to travel down here with the kids every chance we got."

"More and more we grew to love the area and eventually sold the business and moved to Vasse 8 years ago and haven't looked back."

After living the FIFO life since moving down, Clive thought it was time for a change and selling camper trailers fit the bill.

During their market research, Clive and Tania spoke to a lot of people who agreed that there was a gap in the camper market in the South West.

"Our boys are now independent and that gives us more freedom to perfect our business structure and get away in one of our great campers," Clive said

"Even if it's only overnight or a long weekend, our camper trailers are easy to set up and pack down and when you go away it feels like you have had a mini holiday."

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Clive believes camper trailers are becoming more and more popular in Australia as people are becoming more adventurous in their travel plans.

"More Aussies are preparing to take holidays within Australia and owning a camper trailer gives you a cheaper, more flexible option to explore our wonderful country," Clive said.

"I think also that parents with kids want to get their children off the computers and back to nature and experience the outdoors as maybe they did when they were growing up."

"Our camper trailers have full off-road capabilities such as a heavy-duty galvanised chassis, independent suspension, large water tanks and dual batteries, so they will go to those remote places that a normal caravan might struggle to get to."

Cape Camper Trailers also sells electric bikes and camping accessories.

"Our quality product and the passion that we have to supply the best product at the best price with good old-fashioned service sets us apart," Clive said.

"We like to think that we are giving local people a choice to shop local rather than going to Perth."

"It's simple, why buy from Perth when we have a comparable, if not better, product here from a locally-owned family business that's prepared to go that extra mile to ensure that you get the right product for your needs."

Clive and Tania believe it is important to do your homework before purchasing a camper trailer as there are variables in different models and makes and what may be included in their campers might not be in other brands or might be an expensive optional extra.

"One of the main factors to look out for is a quality build, quality canvas, fixings, wheels and tyres, suspension and other components," Clive said, "We back up our product with a comprehensive warranty."