2019 Federal election Forrest: WA Party candidate Ian Molyneux

WA Party candidate Ian Molyneux. Image supplied.

WA Party candidate Ian Molyneux. Image supplied.

WA Party candidate Ian Molyneux will run for the seat of Forrest in the 2019 federal election, which takes place on Saturday.

Mr Molyneux lives in Balingup, he is a retired architect and urban planner, and spent part of his career working as a heritage planner in the strategic planning unit at the City of Fremantle.

The WA Party have stated they would continue to fight for a fairer share of the GST which had effected education, nursing and health, funding cuts to police and infrastructure and road projects in WA.

Mr Molyneux said he was concerned about people who were living tough or were in housing but living in dreadful positions.

He said there were situations when people needed to sell their home to pay a mortgage but were unable to sell because of their financial situation.

"How come the banking and the housing business have been allowed to get to this state, there are literally hundreds of thousands of people in terrible circumstances?

"There is another issue to extend the banking inquiry and extend the inquiries into the elderly, these elderly people do not have any control of their bank accounts.

"All of those things are a federal issue to be overseeing these problems and start turning them around."

Mr Molyneux said with the rise of electric cars there was not enough lithium in the world to make enough electric cars and he did not think they would continue building them.

He said climate change and global warming occurred and in the South-West one block of area was going under another which was why gold appeared on the surface in a vapour state and there was lithium at Greenbushes.

On the mining industry, he said WA was not receiving its share of royalties because commodity prices were pushed up once they left the coast.

"They say we do not need the GST because we are getting all these royalties, but the royalties are such at that stuff goes on a ship and as soon it goes off the coast they change the price up.

"It is sold for a different price in China and banked in Sinagapore so we are not getting the royalties we should, but we seem to be doing okay that we have five mining towns in this electorate.

"They need to be monitored with other needs of the electorate in terms of transport because we are mixing trucks with cars and bikes.

"There used to be an enormous rail network over the state, the major ones were sold to Brookfield who put all the trains off and put trucks on.

"This is an issue this electorate needs to be aware of, for example, do we extend the railway line from Bunbury down to Augustsa?

"A high speed train people could put their cars on and not drive all the way."