Dunsborough Busselton Dungbeetles have a win in wild weather

True to form, the Dungbeetles didn't let gale force winds, driving rain and a bit of snow stop them from attending their first rugby carnival at the Palmyra Rugby Club of Perth, home of the Pally Pigs rugby team.

The Dungbeetles' team selectors and coaching staff were at odds on who would make the starting team, but common sense prevailed and a team of highly skilled wet weather rugby players were chosen.

Dungbeetles vs Wandering Pigs of Bayswater Rugby Club 

First and foremost, before every game and pretty appropriate for the weather, both teams came together and toasted each other by sculling shot glasses of 20-year-old port. Boom game on.

The Piggy's hammered away at the Dungbeetles' defensive line with the wind howling from behind their backs, making it tough going for the Beetles.

True to their nature Dungbeetles thieved among the mud and repelled each attacking wave from the Piggy's; and eventually turning over the ball, Dungbeetles now hot in attack showed some great skills in draw and pass rugby, then out to fleet footed wingers Nicole Pearce and Lou Fischer.

No inch or quarter was given by each team and a hearty battle was unfolding to the delight of the rugby supporters watching.

Maybe the smog of city living effected the Piggy's stamina, as they began to tire; and the good old country air of Dunsborough and Busselton kicked in for the Beetles giving them a boost of energy.

Clear thinking from inside and outside backs paved the way for overlaps out wide to give clear space for the Beetles' wingers to score both sides of the field.


Both teams regrouped together and toasted and sculled shots of port to each other again.

Wandering Pigs came out hard with a point to prove and once again it ended up in the mud.

Relentless tackling from Frenchman Laurenc Marsol, Josh Wenden, Trevor Watene, Matt Sefton and great wet weather pick and drive mauling from Poppa Foulds, Bradley Crute, Johnny Frankham, Zinzan Flood and an evergreen Shaun Dunlop.

The Piggy's managed to muscle their way over for a couple of tries but the Dungbeetles were too strong in the end. Dungbeetles 5 to Piggy's 2.

As the Golden Oldies Rugby Rule of Honour: there is no winner or loser, it's for the fun of playing rugby union and the camaraderie it forms among old rugby foes.

And of course, the drinking of more port. Of course the Dungbeetles Masters don't condone drinking lots of port, as its bad for your health.

If you would like to join this elite rugby team, touch rugby is 5.30pm every Thursday at Barnard Park, Busselton.