Triple M South West breakfast announcer walks backwards down Busselton Jetty

Triple M South West breakfast announcer Allen Aldworth walked the entire length of the Busselton Jetty backwards to raise money for the Perth Children's Hospital as part of the radio station's Gimme 5 For Kids campaign.

"A couple of times I took my mind off what I was doing and almost fell over," he said.

"I had two people on either side of me to make sure I did not fall in, the bit without handrails was terrifying to be honest, and I did keep bumping into people who were fishing and catching squid."

Aldworth said they were lucky enough that the Busselton Jetty gave them $500 to top up their fundraising efforts from their stunt which was broadcast live at the jetty.

"It brought our grand total to $10,000 for the Life for 25 broadcast, which was really cool," he said.

"I can tell you my next stunt will be in Busselton and it will involve me being very high, there will be quite a bit of height involved."

Aldworth said heaps of people in the community had joined in the Gimme 5 For Kids campaign, with people doing their own activities to raise money along with the Triple M South West team.

"We have had so many people do stuff on our behalf, one child shaved his head for the campaign and raised $3,000," he said.

"It has become not just a Triple M initiative, but a whole South West initiative everyone wants to get involved in some small way, it is great.

"The money goes towards the hospital's funnel four section, which is all about keeping the children busy and entertained to take their mind off being in hospital."