Carpet python takes shelter behind toilet in Cleveland home

Imagine finding a 1.5 metre-long snake making itself comfortable behind your toilet.

Now imagine the snake has 80 backwards-facing teeth that can cause significant damage to humans or animals.

A homeowner in Cleveland, Queensland, keen not to be named, was heading out the door when she stood on the carpet python.

It took the opportunity to slither inside and ended up in the bathroom.

The quick-thinking homeowner put down the toilet seat and called Redlands snake catcher Tony Morrison, who returned it safely to the bush.

VISITOR: The snake hid behind the toilet.

VISITOR: The snake hid behind the toilet.

"I live right next to bushland so they are quite common around my house," she said. "That's the second encounter I've had in two months.

"This time the snake was actually at my back door, I didn't see it. When I stepped out the door I stood on what I described to myself at the time as a lump and then turned around to see the snake slithering in my house.

"Tony said that a lot of snakes appeared to be heading in my direction following on from the recent burn-off."

The coastal carpet python is the largest snake species found in south-east Queensland.

Despite its threatening dental work, the snake is non-venomous.