F45 Vasse | Get moving to help raise money for the Legacy Camp at Siesta Park

Legacy Holiday Camp manager Steve Stoll, F45 owner Jason Ey and Archie.
Legacy Holiday Camp manager Steve Stoll, F45 owner Jason Ey and Archie.

It doesn't matter if you walk, run or cycle just Leg It for Legacy to help cover 103 kiolometres during the first week of Spring and raise money for the Legacy Camp at Siesta Park during Legacy Week.

Legacy provides Australian families who have suffered after the injury or death of a spouse or parent during or after their defence force service.

The Legacy Camp at Siesta Park is a holiday and recreational camp for these families, widows and children, it relies entirely on fundraising to operate.

F45 Vasse owner and Navy veteran Jason Ey started Leg It for Legacy to raise money for the camp and hopes to get as many community members on board as possible.

"We will be paying respect to the 103,000 Australians who have lost their life in conflict and will cover a metre for every life lost which is 103 kilometres," he said.

"People can join in either solo or in teams, it is open to anyone who wants to get outdoors and help us cover the distance and raise some money for Legacy at the same time."

Legacy Holiday Camp manager Steve Stoll said they looked after war widows, wards and defence families.

"We have nine widow camps each year, the oldest lady who stays is 97 years old and the youngest is aged 45 years," he said.

"Every January we look after the wards of returned servicemen that have passed on, at the last camp we had around 80 children from all over Australia and a couple from New Zealand.

"When we do not have the widow camps staying we look after defence families so they can have some rest and relaxation.

"We are so grateful to Jason because everything we spend at the camp we have to raise, we do not receive any government support or anything.

"Jason has done a couple of things for us and we have been really appreciative.

"If the camp ran down people would not come and we would not have the facilities to look after the widows, children and families."

If anyone would like to participate from September 1 until September 7 or donate money towards the cause they may contact Mr Stoll by phoning 9755 4530 or emailing legacycamp@bigpond.com.

Legacy badges and bears will also be sold during Legacy Week at Bunnings and F45 Vasse to help raise money from the camp.

Prizes will be awarded at the end of the fundraiser which includes a couple of nights stay at the Legacy Holiday Camp on Geographe Bay.

Donations are tax deductible.