Caves Road's blue tree to inspire important message

Eagle Bay resident Dianne Laurance has taken to Caves Road to help spread the RUOK message ahead of RUOK? Day Thursday September 12.

Ms Laurance said she was inspired to paint a tree along Caves Road blue after a close friend's brother had committed suicide.

"I did not know what to do, apart from words, then it all came together in my creative mind with RUOK? Day and the Blue Tree Project," she said.

"This is really doing something and I wanted to take action.

"I have always loved this tree I painted blue, to me it was a sculpture of dead trees sitting in the middle of a paddock."

Determined to make the tree blue, Ms Laurance enlisted the help of two "fabulous, committed, community-minded, big burly fellows," Dunsborough residents Sam Allen and Dean MacGregor.

"On Sunday, we spent the whole day painting the tree, I wrote up the sign RUOK and we finished about sunset," she said.

"I am so thrilled I actually feel like I have really done something good.

"Cars constantly went passed on Sunday beeping their horns and yelling out well done, which spurred us on, it is a good social media story."

Ms Laurance said there was so much negativity around the fallout of social media on TV and in the newspapers.

She said through her Instagram page Dumped Wife's Revenge she was constantly told how she inspired others through difficult times.

The account was started by Ms Laurance after her former husband "dumped" her for a younger woman after 26 years of marriage - her revenge - "be fabulous and look fabulous."

Ms Laurance hopes when people drive past the blue tree on Caves Road that it will spark awareness, conversation and action.

"It is very prominent in both directions so I think it will do that, but I will never know the fabulous benefits it makes," she said.

"That does not worry me, because I know it will benefit many. It is just about asking a friend, loved one or family member in a genuine way - RUOK?

"All you have to do is a simple act of kindness, compassion and caring - a simple RUOK could make all the difference between a person living or dying."