Capel woman sentenced to life for murder of four-month-old daughter

Image by Shutterstock.
Image by Shutterstock.

Capel woman Cassandra Rose Doohan has been sentenced to life in jail for the murder of her four-month-old daughter Anastasia, in the Supreme Court of WA.

On the morning of May 26, 2017, Doohan shook Anastasia with such force it caused catastrophic brain injuries, which resulted in her death.

The incident occurred while Anastasia's father was taking a shower at their Capel home.

When he finished showering, Doohan asked him to take Anastasia out of the cot so she could say good morning to her.

"Daddy, where's bubba? I want to give her a mummy kiss."

When he took Anastasia out of the cot she was limp and unresponsive.

He attempted to revive Anastasia while Doohan called 000.

When paramedics arrived, Anastasia was cool and unresponsive.

She was taken to Bunbury Regional Hospital before being airlifted to the Princess Margaret Children Hospital in Perth, where she later died.

Doohan initially denied causing the injuries to Anastasia and pleaded not guilty to a murder charge.

She admitted guilt ahead of the trial.

In sentencing, Justice Anthony Derrick took into account Doohan's immaturity, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, personality disorders and an early traumatic upbringing where she was exposed to domestic violence.

Justice Anthony Derrick sentenced Doohan to a minimum 13 years' imprisonment before she would be eligible for parole.

Her sentence was back dated until June 20, 2017.