SportsPower Busselton celebrates its 20th birthday

The team at SportsPower Busselton are celebrating their 20th anniversary. Image supplied.

The team at SportsPower Busselton are celebrating their 20th anniversary. Image supplied.

It is party time at SportsPower Busselton with the retailer celebrating their 20th anniversary after first opening their Queen Street doors in 1999.

In what has been a tough retail market in recent years the store has faced many challenges but continue to pride themselves on great customer service and a well stocked range of products

The business was originally opened by Ken and Barb Clarke who are now semiretired, leaving the management of the store to co-owner Deon Homer.

Mr Homer started working with the business as a junior after school and on weekends some 17 years ago when he was 14-years of age.

After Mr Homer finished studying at university, the Clarkes asked him if he would like to become a co-owner in the business.

"I had the opportunity to buy into the business and being a partner I could call the shots more and create my own destiny," Mr Homer said.

"What you put in is what you get out of it."

Mr Homer said while they had kept the store in good shape, retail was challenging in today's economic environment.

"The challenges change year-to-year depending on the market and fashion," he said.

"Ten years ago retailers dictated the market, whereas now it is very consumer driven, consumers know what they want and come into the store with an expectation that an item will be stocked.

"We try to keep the store pretty full, it is leading into the summer season which is a great time of year.

"Water sports, cricket and basketball all take off at this time of year."

Mr Homer said they were very grateful to the Busselton community who have supported them over the 20 years.

"Without the support of the community, no business is successful, so while we enjoy tourist season, it is locals we can rely on time and time again," he said.

"Being in retail can be extremely rewarding, helping our customers solve their needs and finding the correct product is always pleasing."

Not only does the store pride itself on great customer service, but they also give back to the community having donated more than $12,000 each year to sponsor events and sports clubs.

The retailers have supported the Busselton Jetty Swim, fun runs, the Busselton Football Club, St Mary's Cricket Club, the Busselton City Football Club and lesser known fundraisers and charities.

"When there are a lot community events there is a real buzz around town, particularly in that January period during school holidays when lots of tourists are in town," he said.

"We do not get that as much as we used to, there used to be a lot more buzz through to Easter which was the most enjoyable time of year, there was a real atmosphere around town."