2019 Local government elections | City of Busselton councillor Ross Paine puts his hand up for second term

City of Busselton councillor Ross Paine is running for a second term on council.
City of Busselton councillor Ross Paine is running for a second term on council.

Local government elections are set to take place next month and City of Busselton councillor Ross Paine has put his hand up for a second term.

Mr Paine is the youngest member on council and is keen to serve a second term to work on the finishing stages of the recreational master plan and projects which are happening in waste management.

"In the next financial year we should be moving into the delivery phase of the recreational master plan, so we should see more and upgraded recreational and sporting facilities over the next 10 years," he said.

"Sporting facilities were part of the core of my vision when I originally nominated for council in 2015.

"I think that is really exciting."

Mr Paine said there were projects which they had worked on over the last four years which were exciting for the region and still coming to fruition such as the airport.

"These are really important projects but if you are 15-years-old, they are probably less interesting to you than a football facility for example," he said.

"I think it is worth having someone on council with a focus on youth."

Mr Paine said he still had passion to serve on council and nominated again because he cared about the region and had a desire for it to develop in a considered and sustainable way.

While he felt there was always more that could be done to improve footpaths, cycle ways and inclusive planning, revitalising the central business district was an important issue currently facing Busselton.

"It is difficult for someone in my age bracket or younger than me to live in Busselton, there is a lack of young people living in the places where we want vitality and nightlife [close to the town centre].

"Young families are living in Vasse, Provence and Dunsborough Lakes, they are just not living in Busselton between West Street and Cammalleri Street.

"They are either priced out or there are not enough houses coming on the market or there is not enough redevelopment.

"While these are very difficult to influence, I think it is something that we need to be mindful of."

Mr Paine said there were often complaints that the central business district appeared lifeless and a lot of discussion was happening around revitalising the CBD.

He said part of the problem was people who had disposable incomes were living in areas on the outskirts of town, limiting their involvement in community events and active public spaces.

"There are solutions to these problems but they are not easy to achieve."

The local government election is set to take place on Saturday October 19, to follow councillor Paine on Facebook please visit facebook.com/runningforbusselton/.