2019 Local government elections | 14 people vie for a spot on the City of Busselton council

Fourteen people will vie for six spots on the City of Busselton council next month when the local government election takes place on October 19.

Five spots on council will be four-year terms, and a sixth spot will be a two-year term to replace former councillor Rob Bennett who retired in July due to ill health.

Five councillors are hoping to be reelected including John McCallum and Coralie Tarbotton who have served two four-year terms, along with Ross Paine, Robert Reekie and Paul Carter who have served one term.

Running for the first time is former Democrat senator Brian Greig, small business owner Kate Cox, communication expert Phill Cronin, former police officer Sue Riccelli and Dunsborough resident Beverley Stone.

Former councillor Anne Ryan has put her hand up, along with previous candidates Jo Barrett-Lennard, Midge Avery and Valerie Kaigg.

Electors will receive a ballot in the mail in early October, voters are invited to return the ballot to the city by 6pm on election day.

Voting is not compulsory.

Throughout the coming weeks the Mail will be talking to candidates to find out why they are running for council.

Keep an eye on our website busseltonmail.com.au for all the latest.