Busselton boxers Hutt and Sadler to face off in the ring

Busselton boxer Donna Sadler will take on the Ice Queen Kylie Hutt at Thunderdome next month.
Busselton boxer Donna Sadler will take on the Ice Queen Kylie Hutt at Thunderdome next month.

Two Busselton boxers will go toe-to-toe in the ring next month at the Thunderdome in Perth when Ice Queen Kylie Hutt faces a friendly opponent Donna Sadler.

It will be the fourth time Sadler has stepped into the ring when she faces Hutt for the first time in the junior middle weight division.

"I am feeling really good about it, but it will be different because Kylie and I are friends outside the ring," Sadler said.

"When we get in the ring we have a job to do, it does feel a bit weird but we have to treat it as a job, and be friends again afterwards."

Sadler has been training under a new coach and said everything about her fighting style had changed.

"He is definitely keeping me in line that's for sure," she said.

"Kylie is not going to be an easy fight, it will be a challenge but I am up for it and ready."

Hutt is a two-time welterweight state title belt holder, the WA state middle weight title belt holder and an Australian National Boxing Federation Australian welterweight title belt holder.

She said she was feeling confident,excited and nervous about the fight.

"I feel stepping into the ring is dangerous and challenging enough yet alone facing the challenge of facing your mate in there," she said.

"I feel confident to take the win. Every fight I believe in myself, my training, my skills and abilities to have done enough to win.

"I never leave anything to question and never step in cocky. I give my opponent respect and expect the unexpected."

Hutt said it was a great feeling to be taking on Sadler because they were both respectful and passionate about the sport.

"We're there to do a job and shake hands after, reflecting what the sport is about."

Hutt said training for a fight was always testing and challenging but was going along as planned.

"We've had hiccups with injuries that caused setbacks, but we've overcame them," she said.

"My coaches are providing hard training, conditioning me and polishing my skills. I'm coming mentally and physically prepared.

"I don't want to leave it in the judges hands."