Arum lily blitz | Yallingup group take action

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Image supplied.

Yallingup Land Conservation District Committee, with the support of the Yallingup Residents Association, is leading the charge for small groups taking big action against arum lily and are encouraging others to register for Nature Conservation Margaret River Region's Arum Lily Blitz.

Setting an example for local groups, Yallingup LCDC began noticing an increased proliferation of arum lilies several years ago and resolved to act.

Yallingup LCDC treasurer Peter Lurie said he had walked the trails around Yallingup for the past 20 years and noticed the arum lilies were getting worse.

"I knew that if they were left without any control, they would take over and we would lose what's unique about our natural environment - and I'm just not prepared to let that happen," he said.

Last year, the small but motivated group split off into teams and began mapping the weed's location and density throughout the Yallingup area.

They are now undertaking a spray program, with peak flowering time (usually July to October) being the best time to do so.

Volunteer Jill Redfern said she was optimistic the group could put a big dent in the arum lily spread and contribute to restoring Yallingup's bushland to its natural state.

"The before and after shots we've seen of other areas are just incredible, and it's really encouraging to see what a difference can be made in such a short period of time," she said.

"It shows what people can achieve when they're committed to making a difference."

Ms Redfern hoped the availability of information, resources and support, as well as the success at other control sites would be enough to motivate individuals and groups to register for the blitz.

Funded by the WA Government's State Natural Resource Management Program, the blitz involves comprehensive monitoring and control programs; free herbicide, training and resources for landholders; and a widespread awareness campaign.

Nature Conservation project officer Genevieve Hanran-Smith said the blitz required all hands on deck and hoped others would draw inspiration from Yallingup LCDC.

"They're a great example of people pulling together and taking decisive action," she said.

Free herbicide and assistance is available from Nature Conservation. To register for the blitz and get information on arum lily control, go to or phone 9757 2202.