City of Busselton council election 2019 candidate: Valerie Kaigg

Valerie Kaigg is hoping to become a City of Busselton councillor. Photo is supplied.
Valerie Kaigg is hoping to become a City of Busselton councillor. Photo is supplied.

Valerie Kaigg is hoping it is sixth time lucky as she puts her hand up to be a City of Busselton councillor.

Ms Kaigg said she wanted to be part of the decision making process for her community.

"In the previous five [attempts] I received good support from the community and feel I owe it to them to keep trying," she said.

All of Ms Kaigg's children and families live and work in the area which is just one reason why she loves Busselton.

"It's family friendly, and everything is so close to home," she said.

"We have community festivals, sporting and cultural events that we don't have to leave home to be part of and we live where other people want to holiday."

Ms Kaigg said she would like to see council decisions be based on reducing financial stress for the ratepayers.

"While finding solutions to the revitalise the CBD and progressing big ticket items are important and popular, we need to understand the lifelong costs to the community," she said.

"The Busselton entertainment art and cultural hub will be a great opportunity to breath some life into our CBD but we as a community will have to work hard to keep the new building operational by enlisting a band of volunteers to make it sustainable."

Ms Kaigg is an active community member volunteering for the ironman and jetty swim events as well as being part of the Busselton Repertory Club.

"As a member of the Busselton Repertory Club I know of the need for community support," she said.

"The Weld Theatre is an important part of the cultural hub standing today because of the dedicated efforts of volunteers who saved it from demolition, maintained and made self-supporting and this year will be celebrating their 70 year anniversary."

Ms Kaigg believes the big issues facing the region is the balancing act of meeting population growth and demand with keeping rate rises to a minimum.

"Changes with online buying affecting small retail business, low wages and higher cost and service charges impacting on community's ability to spend affecting the vibrancy of CBD and need to keep rates to a minimum and with-it lower expectation," she said.

"There are a lot of fantastic projects in the making - and we just need to be cautious when spending ratepayer money and to ensure we still continue to provide the basic council role in providing services to our community."

Ms Kaigg would like to see a bigger focus on repairing and widening country roads and linking communities with dual pedestrian/cycle paths.

Despite the extra expense Ms Kaigg would also like to see more roadside residential waste removal.

"Many residents don't have cars let alone a tow ball and trailer," she said.

Ms Kaigg has urged people to make sure they fill out their postal voting forms, even if they don't want to vote for all six positions. She said a lot of people don't understand that you can vote for as many people as long as it doesn't exceed six.

"To date over 28,000 voting slips have gone out and only 3,124 been posted back," Ms Kaigg said.

Local government elections will be calculated on October 19.