Morning tea for senior carers during Seniors Week

The Undalup Association will host a morning tea at Wonnerup House on Saturday, November 16 to celebrate WA Seniors Week, for senior carers in the community.

The aim of this event is to offer respite for a demographic in our society that is often over looked, senior carers.

Undalup Association would like to help senior carers by offering some respite and create an opportunity for community engagement.

It is the belief of Undalup Association, that an event such as this, can encourage seniors who would normally be socially isolated or excluded due to their carer responsibilities, to meet new people and make new friends or re-connect with old friends.

Undalup Association is aware of the rise in Indigenous incarceration rates and the fact substance abuse is reaching epidemic proportions in Australian society, along with suicide rates reaching a crisis point, which means the number of grandparents required to step up and fill the parental void is increasing.

Cultural connection and connection to country, is an important part of Indigenous traditions and therefore, it is the hope of Undalup Association that this event can facilitate community connections for isolated senior Indigenous carers or isolated senior Indigenous community members, in an effort to nurture their mental health and build resilience through community and culture connections.

Another growing carer demographic which has come to the attention of Undalup Association, is seniors caring for loved ones due to either, disabilities or poor health.

Many aging members in our society are choosing to have in home care, rather than move to residential care accommodation. This often means senior members in our society, are caring for loved ones at home.

Woonerup means the "place of womans digging stick" and this place holds historical importance for the local Aboriginal community.

Therefore, hosting this event at Wonnerup House, creates an opportunity for culture connectivity for local Indigenous community members and cultural awareness for non-Indigenous community members.

Indigenous and non-Indigenous senior community members are encouraged to attend because guest speakers, one from the National Trust and a local cultural custodian have been invited talk about the history of the site.

This is a great opportunity for cultural knowledge sharing and historical insights into this area, as well as, a great opportunity to make new friends or re-connect with old ones.

Although this event is for senior carers, it is open to all seniors in the community and we encourage as many seniors in our community to come and enjoy this event and connect with their community.