South West taekwondo teacher awarded lifetime recognition

Master Justin Warren with Grandmaster Ross Hartnett. Photo supplied.

Master Justin Warren with Grandmaster Ross Hartnett. Photo supplied.

Bunbury Central Master Head Instructor Justin Warren has been awarded a recognition for his years of contribution to the art he loves of taekwondo.

His recognition for "Outstanding Contribution to the Development and Dissemination of Taekwondo" was awarded to him by his 9th Dan Black belt Instructor and Grandmaster Ross Hartnett.

The award was sanctioned by the World Taekwondo Headquarters in Korea, "The Kukkiwon" Founder of Taekwondo Central.

The 48-year-old has been training for 33 years and teaching the Korean Martial Art which has seen him win and train 100's of champions at a state, national and world level as well as trained more than 100 Black Belts with the help of fellow instructors.

The 6th Dan Black Belt - Master Justin (As he is called in class) started his training at the Old Collie PCYC at the age of 15 to overcome bully problems and found a life long art to apply himself.

In 1999 Master Justin founded Taekwondo Central which started as a once a week class at The Bunbury Art Gallery with just six students.

Taekwondo Central also celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2019.

He is now part of a group running around 35 classes with the assistance of his team of Instructors throughout Bunbury, Eaton, Australind, Busselton and Harvey.

Master Justin also holds Black Belts in jishin jujitsu and kawaishi Judo but says taekwondo is the art that has captured his heart.

He chose taekwondo because it is lifelong art form that other arts cannot offer because of the excess impact on the body with students ranging from three to 77 years old.

"I just love taekwondo," he said.

"It's an amazing martial art that can help anyone set reachable, realistic goals that will keep you strong and healthy at any age."

He said he would always be learning and hoped he could achieve Grandmaster status in his later years.

Master Justin's determination to be Grandmaster is so strong that he estimates he will reach the goal when he is around 58 years old.

Anybody who wishes to take up the martial art of Taekwondo can phone or SMS Justin on 0407 470 964, email or Facebook or checkout the timetable at www.tkdcentral.comClasses start in February 2020

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