Busselton Repertory Club return to the Weld Theatre with hilarious new play

The Busselton Repertory Club return to the Weld Theatre with a hilarious new play The Cat's Mother which was featured at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2018.

Directed by John Lee, the play is set in London and follows the story of two Irish sisters who are coming to terms with their mother's severe dementia.

The sisters need to decide on the best course of action to deal with the situation according to their mother's wishes and their own needs.

Along the way they meet various characters who inform their decisions and help them along.

"It all sounds a bit grim but in fact the play is cuttingly funny," Mr Lee said.

"It leaves no sacred cow untouched: religion; sexuality and family relationships.

"They all come in for a good bashing in a very funny way, it is extremely enjoyable."

The two lead roles are played by Courtney Norrish and Ingrid Hanemaaijer and are supported by Kristina Gauci and Lisa Skrypichayko.

"The actors are superb and worked very hard to get the accents right," Lee said.

"We are looking forward to welcoming live audiences back into the theatre, we had one performance of the play on March 22, 2020.

"That was when the first four square metre social distancing rule came in, then on March 23, 2020 everything was closed.

"We were the last show on Earth, now we can be the first show on Earth, we really encourage people to come along and enjoy it because it is thought provoking and very funny."

The Cat's Mother will be held at the Weld Theatre in Busselton on selected dates between July 3 and July 12, 2020. Tickets are available online at trybooking.com/book/event?eid=630889.

The play is suitable for people aged 13 years and over.