Holiday home disapproval

Geoff Hard, Don Evill, Ray Clarke and Errol Carter are concerned the city approved a neighbouring holiday home to accommodate up to 10 people.
Geoff Hard, Don Evill, Ray Clarke and Errol Carter are concerned the city approved a neighbouring holiday home to accommodate up to 10 people.

Residents in Geographe are frustrated an unhosted holiday home which can accommodate up to 10 people was given approval by the City of Busselton.

The home is located on a quiet cul-de-sac fronting the canals, its neighbouring properties are mostly occupied by retirees who bought there for the ambiance and secure lifestyle.

The residents are not opposed to holiday home accommodation, what has them concerned is the number of people which were given approval to stay there at any one time, fearing it will become a party house.

They raised their concerns with the city and councillors but felt their objections were ignored and the application was approved.

Neighbouring resident Don Evill said they were told the property ticked all the boxes.

"It is wrong," he said.

"They have not done an environmental study, the house is over water and sound is amplified over water."

Errol Carter previously lived next door to an unhosted holiday home and experienced a myriad of problems for a period of 18 months.

"We had no end of trouble," he said.

"There were parties, more than 10 people would be staying at the house and before we had a separation fence visitors would come onto my property.

"They would leave lights on all night, I asked them to turn lights off one day and I was pretty much abused, they just ignored me."

Around 900 holiday homes registered in the City of Busselton

The city is set to review its Holiday Homes Local Planning Policy and Local Law within the next 12 months following the state government's inquiry into short stay accommodation.

City of Busselton environmental services manager Tanya Gillett said the city controlled the use of holiday homes through two approval process being a development approval and annual registration.

"DAs which propose to accommodate more than eight guests are advertised to nearby properties in accordance with Local Planning Scheme requirements with all submissions considered, noting that where a DA is compliant with the City's Local Planning Policy an approval will generally be issued," she said.

Ms Gillett said it was a requirement for owners to have a property manager which could be contacted at all times and complaints could also be made to the city's environmental health team or police when appropriate.

Resident Ron Clarke said the city should consider the environment and where holiday homes were located.

"You cannot stop it altogether but they need to show reason and concern for ratepayers," he said.

"We chose this place because it is secure and quiet and all the neighbours are of the same vintage all looking for the same thing.

"They kept telling us all we can do is go by the rules and regulations, but the rules and regulations are wrong."