Shire of Capel 2020/21 budget generates $22 million in revenue

Shire of Capel president Michael Southwell delivers 20/21 budget. Image supplied.

Shire of Capel president Michael Southwell delivers 20/21 budget. Image supplied.

The Shire of Capel Council adopted its 2020-21 budget at its special council meeting on August 10, 2020 which will generate $22.4 million in revenue.

Based on a 0 per cent rate increase, the budget was focused around providing financial relief for the community with no increase in fees or charges.

The budget details $22.6 million in services, programs and initiatives - with capital works making up $8.9 million to assist with population growth and ensure critical transport networks are maintained.

The Shire of Capel is responding to the challenges of the COVID-19 through targeted grants programs supporting local community groups and business, re-organising their organisational resources and continuing to provide community services during this time of need.

Community investment will continue with $2 million for rural road improvements, $1 million of sundry road renewals, $1.6 million for the Dalylleup Skate Park, $434,000 for the continuation of the dual-use path program and $91,000 for the installation of shade sails at various community parks.

Although the budget forecasts no increase in operating revenue, the shire will not let this affect service provision or quality in frontline community services and infrastructure.

Shire of Capel president Michael Southwell said the key feature of their 2020/21 budget was the delivery of council's commitment made late last year to ensure a 0 per cent rate increase.

"This budget is affected, like everything else in society, by the global COVID- 19 pandemic which came upon us in early 2020," he said.

"Council is conscious of its responsibility to assist in every way possible to help our community to survive and thrive.

"Economically, our focus is to remove as much as possible the financial burden on individuals and businesses. We must also do what we can to provide economic stimulus and generate employment.

"The Shire will continue to operate efficiently and cost-effectively, while also continuing to invest in the maintenance of infrastructure, as well as projects which will add value to our localities and improve people's lives.

"During the 2020-21 year, council will review all of its long-term plans to ensure we are ready to adapt to the changing circumstances brought about by the pandemic.

"Our aim is to remain adaptable and sustainable while continuing to provide relevant and cost-effective services."