A revamped Vasse Hotel set to open

The new owner of the Vasse Hotel John Triplett is about to reopen the Queen Street venue on Friday September 18, 2020.
The new owner of the Vasse Hotel John Triplett is about to reopen the Queen Street venue on Friday September 18, 2020.

Busselton's main street looks a whole lot brighter with a revamped Vasse Hotel opening under new management on September 18, 2020.

The once popular venue has remained closed since April 2019, with the new owner John Triplett giving the small boutique tavern a new lease of life.

"I would like Queen Street in Busselton to be a hub like Chicago or even Asia. You go to one block and that whole block has places to entertain," he said.

"All the taverns and pubs all have something slightly different from each other, we try to cover the masses and do not articulate one little group.

"We try and cover everybody's taste."

The hotel's interior has a fresh new look, upgraded kitchen and 16 drinks on tap to cater for all tastes.

"We will have dark beer, light beer, Matso's ginger beer, cider and we will also have CC and dry on tap which you do not see often, it is quite rare," he said.

"We really wanted to promote the two last Australian brewers which is Coopers and Gage Road, they support us really well so we like to look after them and their beers are really nice.

"Our spirits will cover mid-range plus top shelf, we have gone for some really nice gins and beautiful scotches, we have a nice range, four or five of each."

The hotel are hoping to open seven days a week but with Western Australia experiencing a chef shortage they may have to remain closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

"We are not happy about it but people need to have time off and as much as our venues will be very busy we will still have an important job as owners to give people life balance," he said.

"Our busiest times are over the weekends but when you have a wedding or 21st or party for something special to go to you need to be able to let your staff do that.

"It has to be fun."

It is the second hospitality business Mr Triplett owns in the region having taken over the lease at The Deck Bar and Bistro at Port Geographe in September 2018.

While Mr Triplett hopes to find a head chef for the Vasse Hotel soon, his executive chef from The Deck will oversee operations in both kitchens for the time being.

"We have three chefs now, our executive chef at the Deck needs to be our head chef here until we can find another head chef," he said.

Until they are able to find a head chef for the Vasse Hotel Mr Triplett said they would keep the menu simple.

"We would like take the food menu in both venues to the next level," he said.

"What we are very aware of is if we start over complicating our menu when we do not have enough staff to deliver it, we will be delivering sub average food.

"We would rather stick to the safe easy stuff and do it well.

"Our philosophy has always been to cook simple food really well and a lot of simple food you cannot cook at home.

"To cook fish and chips at home is difficult unless you have a deep fryer and the right oils and batter mixes, parmas are another thing and we get the best parmies in town locally made, they are just tremendous.

"Pizzas we will try, you can buy a pizza at any half-a-dozen venues in town, that is because people love pizza, it is easy, tasty and not complicated.

"The secret is less is best on a pizza, if you get pizzas which have everything they are hard to eat."