Happs Pottery seizes big opportunity

In a year of huge uncertainty for many businesses, opportunity came knocking at Happs Pottery in Anniebrook.

Owner Myles Happs received a call in April which would change the direction of his business.

The call was from Ramsay Health Care enquiring whether he could deliver more than 10,000 pieces of pottery, which would be given to their frontline health workers for Christmas.

Initially, Mr Happs was unsure whether he had enough time or equipment to fill the order, in fact he was not even sure if the caller was in deed for real.

Once Mr Happs established that the enquiry was legitimate he told them he would need two weeks to work out if it would be possible to fill an order that large.

A fortnight, and a lot of thought later, Mr Happs had a plan that would not only enable him to deliver the order on time but also help him expand his business and upgrade equipment.

"I had to propose something that was value for them and achievable for us," he said.

Mr Happs purchased new equipment and employed additional staff at his workshop.

The team worked up to 14 hour days to create and glaze 7,000 antipasto sets which included a plate and saucer in each gift.

"We have literally been going flat out since June," he said.

"A big order might have been around $3,000 worth of items, certainly nothing of this scale.

"The team has grown so much it really has been an amazing experience."

On Thursday, the team celebrated with friends and family who helped them achieve the not quite impossible task.