Bunker Bay a great location for Disabled Surfing events

The December 12 Disabled Surfing Association South West event at Bunker Bay was another success.

Each summer a group of volunteers enable people with a disability to enjoy the ocean and learn how to surf in a safe environment.

The team at Disabled Surfing are now gearing up for its biggest event on January 16.

It is expected there will be a few hundred people on the beach wanting to get involved.

The organisation will also be holding training for team leaders.

There will also be events held in February and March before the season is wrapped up for another year.

Disabled Surfing Association South West president Ant Purcell said they were always in 'desperate' need of volunteers for the events.

Many of the volunteers say they have more fun than the surfers.

If you are interested in helping out, you can contact Mr Purcell on 9755 4037.

For more information you can also visit http://disabledsurfers.org/wa/south-west-branch/

Photos by Mick Marlin.