Busselton Jetty Inc ready for sandcastle event

The annual Busselton Jetty Inc Sandcastley Competition is expecting more than 200 architects and artists when the event takes place on January 20.

The competition is just one highlight of the Festival of Busselton which is run by jetty volunteers.

Last year nearly 80 groups of people got together as a family, as a sporting group, community group and even the Nan and Pop category to vie for the prestigious title of best Sandcastle.

"And this year it is OK to dress up your sandcastles as long as you use recycled materials to add eyes, Mermaid tails, castle adornments etc," Jetty chief executive Lisa Shreeve said.

"Judges will be looking for unique designs so think outside the box. Last year there were a lot of Mermaids and Castles so this year think differently to stand out."

Last year the most category entries came from Under 10s and Families.

Registrations start at 1.45pm with competition commencing at 3pm, open to all age groups and held on the beach between the Equinox and the Goose.

The Jetty is also looking for more Volunteers in 2021.

If you would like to volunteer and make new friends, have some fun and take in the view on the Busselton Jetty you can apply online at www.busseltonjetty.com.au or phone 9754 0900.