Dunsborough's Bay Gallery hosts new Bibbulmun

Some of WA's most celebrated Bibbulumun artists have their work featured at a new exhibition Bunuru at the Bay Gallery in Dunsborough.

Bunuru is one of the six seasons (late summer) celebrated in Bibbulumun culture and is known as the fruiting season and for emergence.

The exhibition runs until the end of March and features the work of Sandra Hill, Lance Chad, Norma McDonald and Peter Farmer, among others.

Bay Gallery owner Peter Bourne said it was the third exhibition at the gallery and they had chosen strong artwork from the Bibbulumun community.

"There are also emerging artists such as Rowan and Bradley Kickett and others," he said.

Mr Bourne said one of the main motivations behind the gallery was to explore what messages and what the artists have to say through the means of art.

"Chad's work has about three artworks in one piece, you see faces in the rocks, there are nuances in there that you do not see at first but when you do see them you cannot unsee them," he said.

"Sandra Hill's piece on the massacre in Pinjarra is an outrageously powerful piece, it lifts the very few Aboriginals who were actually given a name back at the turn of the century.

"It is almost a topographical map reference work, it is confronting."

Mr Bourne said another artist of note was Peter Farmer who designed shoes with the iconic shoe designer Jimmy Choo.

"He is internationally acclaimed and the fun thing about Peter Farmer is imagine getting the brightest 10 colours you know exist and put them into Aboriginal artwork," he said.

"He does not hang back, he is whacking you with Skittles and Fruit Tingles."