Locals dominate in 'biggest swell ever' at WA state titles

Hearts were pounding as surfers faced 8 to 12-feet walls of action packed surf at the Volte WA Longboard and Logger Titles last month at Yallingup's main break.

The event saw many of the region's best and oldest longboard and logger surfers take out state titles.

Indian Ocean Longboard Club president Paul Burke (Burky) said it was no easy feat.

"It was a big like a skyscraper coming right at you," he said.

"I haven't seen it that clean or that good, especially in a contest, it was definitely the biggest waves I have surfed at Yallingup, no doubt about it.

"It caught a lot of people out, there was a lot of trepidation.

"It was definitely the biggest competition at Yallingup ever, and the locals did dominate.

"Anyone that braved those conditions was a winner in my book."

Burky, who finished first in the over 50's, said while he had butterflies he liked the personal challenge.

"It was exciting, but there were jet skis there so I was not concerned. It created a fun challenge," he said.

"All the locals did really well."

Yallingup surfer Karl Leavy achieved a "triple crown" which not only saw him take out the men's open division but also win the over 40's and 45's.

"It was probably a feat that will never be achieved again," Burky said.

Unfortunately, he snapped his board in the huge swell then, fortunately, won a raffle winning a new surfboard after the event.

"There were only four snapped boards that did not survive the contest," Burky said.

"Really he won Leavy won the quadruple crown he won a surfboard to boot."

Dunsborough surfers Richard Wain and Bob Monkman also had success at the event, Wain took out the over 55's and over 60's, and Monkman winning the over 65's and over 70's.

In the women's event Quindalup surfer Emily Gibbs took out the open division and finished second in the logger competition.

"Even Samantha Vanderford, who is over 50, went out there and had a crack," Burky said.

The Indian Ocean Longboard Club will be holding its first competition for the year on Saturday, March 20 after the first one was cancelled due to the COVID-19 lockdown.

Anyone who would like to participate in the non-competitive event is asked to be at the Yallingup car park at 7am where event organisers will decide where the comp will be held.

"It is all about participation, it is not for serious surfers but anyone who would like to have a crack and be involved in the community," Burky said.

"Just rock on down."

The club will also be holding their annual general meeting in Dusborough after the competition.

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