A new mountain bike park in Nannup receives more than $2 million in federal funding

A new mountain bike park in Nannup has received $2.86 million in federal funding. Image by Sean Blocksidge.
A new mountain bike park in Nannup has received $2.86 million in federal funding. Image by Sean Blocksidge.

A mountain bike park in Nannup that will include a freestyle jump park, gravel and road cycling route and a native forest mountain bike park has received $2.86 million in funding from the federal government.

The investment is part of the new Nannup Trail Town Project and is one of three projects in the South West that the government has funded to stimulate jobs and economic growth in the COVID-19 recovery.

Other projects include a new garden organics compost facility at the Bunbury Harvey Regional Council's Stanley Road facility and a state-of-the-art trail bike hub in Manjimup.

Forrest MP Nola Marino said they knew exactly what the region has to offer Australia and the world.

"The new Nannup Trail Town project will transform Nannup into a recognised tourism destination for trails with a diverse product offering which will attract a large number of visitors, trail users and investors to the area," she said.

"Establishing Nannup as a tourism destination will diversify local industries beyond the existing key industries by growing supporting infrastructure such as accommodation, restaurants, cafes and specialty products and services."

O'Connor MP Rick Wilson said the $0.98 million investment to establish a trail bike hub in Manjimup was expected to attract over 33,600 visitors each year, injecting $12.8 million in visitor expenditure and supporting 75 jobs a year once completed.

"Manjimup is well known for its natural beauty and picturesque landscapes," he said.

"Investing in a new trail bike hub in the area will create a destination that embraces trail bike riding and becomes a significant visitor attraction.

"The hub will develop new trails and tourism experiences, deliver marketing activities to raise awareness, as well as enhancing key supporting infrastructure, from accommodation providers to hospitality and bike shops that cater for trail bike riders."