A Busselton open garden raises money for Melanoma Research

Margaret Moore with one of her chickens Mavis. Photo is supplied.
Margaret Moore with one of her chickens Mavis. Photo is supplied.

Busselton resident Margaret Moore is a self-proclaimed 'plant-a-holic', which is obvious when you look at her lush garden on her half-acre block.

Ms Moore and her husband arrived in Busselton in 2016, unfortunately her husband was terminally ill with melanoma and passed away just three weeks later.

They bought a house on half an acre and began creating a garden from scratch.

There were trees - the usual local Peppermints, Marris, and a red-flowering Ficifolia, and very little else.

It was a challenge befitting of Ms Moore's addiction.

Ms Moore is not a purist and will give any plant an opportunity.

If it doesn't thrive it might be given another chance elsewhere, but she's not stubborn.

"If a plant can't earn its keep, it's time to go," she said.

Ms Moore has a couple of guiding principles.

She selects and prunes with an eye to levels, light and shade.

She's happy to plant natives beside exotics. She even has succulents over the leach drain. (Ask her why.)

There's a comfortable chook house with a couple of new pullets.

And if you've got chooks you have to have a veggie patch. It's all there at Ms Moore's place.

As a result of Ms Moore's hard work and pride in her garden, she is hosting an open garden on October 23.

She will welcome visitors from 10am to 2pm at 13 Kalgaritch Road, West Busselton.

Admission is $5 with proceeds going to the Busselton Croquet Club, Busselton Hospice and Melanoma Research.

There will also be plants for sale, a cake stall, home-made preserves and Devonshire tea and a light lunch available.