Dunsborough Bowling Club finalise single championships

Jackie Atkinson and Trish Van Kann. Picture supplied.
Jackie Atkinson and Trish Van Kann. Picture supplied.

The Dunsborough Bowling club is finalising all singles championships for the season for both the ladies and men's sections.

The ladies novice championship was the first to start and saw just two of the four novices take part with Jackie Atkinson and Trish Van Kann battling out the best of three games.

Both novices have played very well throughout the season and everyone was looking forward to a tight tussle.

No-one was denied an exciting game one.

The two bowlers played 22 ends in a cat and mouse competition and neither giving the other any chance to overpower the other.

Leads continually changed and it was hard for those in the stand watching to pick a winner when Atkinson scored two shots to lead 19-17.

Van Kann bounced back on the next end and once again the game was on between the two.

Atkinson scored another two shots and ran out the eventual winner 21-18.

With hardly a breath taken the two were back on the green for their second game which became slightly more one sided after a few ends.

Atkinson went into another gear and won her second match 21-13 and will now represent the club at the League championships in March and if successful will carry her form into the zone championships to be played at Eaton in April.