Letters to the Editor: Surfers paddle out for the 'love of Loz'

It was a beautiful day at Yallingup. A special day where the Yallingup surfing community gathered for a paddle out for "The Love of Loz." Loz Smith is a well-known rascally rapscallion in the local surfing community.

Life has dealt him an untimely twist with a cancer diagnosis. A bright blue afternoon was served. The wind offshore.

Even a few waves made a visit.

Loz sat smiling in a white-painted high-back wicker armchair, his love receivers set to 100 per cent. The crowd gathered.

The stories started, so beautifully celebrated. The atmosphere portended the rising sorrow. Then we were called to paddle out. Into the lagoon to form a circle and celebrate life as surfers do.

The water was frangipani strewn. Then Loz launched from the beach. We thought he would be watching from the cane chair on a lookout.

The paddle out circle filled the lagoon and into the centre lazily floated Loz. He sat up on his board, like he would arriving out at the Yallingup main break, and raised his arms.

The circle hugged toward him. Loz sat central in a slow rotation waving, and pressing his palms in thanks and gratitude.

The surfers around him, the whole lagoon, hooted and sent sparkling sprays into the air. They cheered and beat a rhythm on their surfboard decks.

The water was electric, the people were the energy, the saltwater the carrier and connector, the love was shocking and palpable. The community feeling was joyous and uplifting.

Frank Bear, Yallingup

I am writing as a right of reply in reference to the response from Grant Henley in regard to my letter on February 9 about the intended relocation of the historical Busselton War Memorial.

Mr Henley's Facebook post extract printed as a reply to my letter.

He stated that I emotively suggested this was a war grave and that bodies were buried at the memorial. This is untrue, I have never said or written that bodies are buried at the memorial.

Further, he states that the RSL sub branch approached the City of Busselton for the relocation of the memorial. This not quite correct - the community paper article back in March 2017 clearly set out that the City approached the RSL subbranch and had briefings with them for the relocation.

His letter also states that there are no plans to relocate the memorial wall.

This is bizarre as the purpose of the memorial wall being built near the war memorial was for service members to be remembered as part of the war memorial.

To move one and not the other doesn't make sense.

He then writes that moving the war memorial to Rotary Park to be near the RSL sub branch is misleading. Rotary Park is opposite the council offices, it is not next to the RSL sub branch facilities.

The RSL facilities are a further 200m along and on the other side of Causeway road.

He stated in his letter that the traffic study done in 2016 had now been dismissed and that there was now no need to relocate the memorial.

So why continue with the relocation.

Also why is funding still being sought and from who and how much. A RSL sub branch spokesman has advised that he thinks that some money is coming from the Department of Veteran Affairs.

The RSL sub branch does not have the right to carry out relocation of the war memorial as it is a community war memorial.

We the community are again being treated by the City council with disregard and matters are being done in stealth with the RSL sub branch as a ruse.

Having attended over 20 Anzac services at Victoria Park, it is only half full to capacity. Also there is easy safe access for pedestrians to the war memorial with the traffic lights.

The present location of the war memorial is ideal and is important as it constitutes a strategic heritage significance as being part of the heritage St Mary's church precinct.

We the community are calling on you Grant Henley and the City council to do the right thing by the community this time and dismiss and stop any action for the relocation of our heritage Busselton Community War Memorial.

Stuart Anderson​

Highly disappointed with the treatment of that woman at the doctor's surgery ('Felt like a third class citizen', busseltonmail.com.au). It was very bad to leave her outside in the sun, just because she chose to not vaccinate.

Non of us were vaccinated a short time ago and we all supported each other, stayed home when needed and were acting like humans, these days I am so disgusted with the attitudes of many people.

I have friends that are vaccinated and unvaccinated, I do not discriminate, I do not ask them, its their choice, the government has a lot to answer to for causing such separation and bad treatment of people, did you see the treatment of a woman and her new born in a hospital recently, just disgusting and uncalled for!! Anyway, my apologies for ranting at you, not sure who answers this, but a lot of this treatment is bought on by fear mongering and it needs to stop!

Karen Francis

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