Dunsborough Bowling Club hosts last championship for 2021/22 season

Finalists: Phil Higgins and Gary Atkinson. Picture: supplied.
Finalists: Phil Higgins and Gary Atkinson. Picture: supplied.

The Dunsborough Bowling Club finalised the last championship game for the season over the last weekend.

The men's singles title always creates interest and has a huge audience to see who will take out the club title.

The two finalists for this season were two relatively new bowlers in Phil Higgins and Gary Atkinson who both flew through the two week's competition with solid intentions of defeating anyone in their pathway.

The game is 25 up and both bowlers were assessing each other throughout the first half with neither dominating play.

Then Higgins took the lead and found himself 23-17 with just two more shots required and it appeared Atkinson was struggling.

Atkinson's wife Jacki recently took out the ladies novice championship and this could have been in the back of his mind as to accepting her bragging rights over him at home.

Then he hit his straps. Over five ends he made eight shots to the bewilderment of his opponent who was left stranded on 23.

Much to the delight of his wife, Atkinson stole the show 25/23 to ensure there is going to be equal bragging rights at home.