Australian Labor Party candidate for Forrest Bronwen English

Election: Bronwen English is vying for the seat of Forrest in the 2022 federal election for the Australian Labor Party. Picture: Jemillah Dawson.
Election: Bronwen English is vying for the seat of Forrest in the 2022 federal election for the Australian Labor Party. Picture: Jemillah Dawson.

Australian Labor Party candidate for Forrest Bronwen English hopes to "paint the South West red" in the lead up to the 2022 federal election.

While the election hasn't been formally announced yet, Mrs English began her campaign in November 2021 after she was pre-selected.

She has made 5,000 door knocks from Yarloop to Augusta and everywhere in between as well as making 4,000 phone calls to residents.

"Every place you visit has a unique feature, so it's about tapping into that feature and what they love about their spot," she said.

Mrs English has lived in Bunbury for eight years with her husband Mike and now two adult children Brent and Georgia.

She has always been a country girl, growing up in Perth hills and then living in the Pilbara, Goldfields Esperance and Avon Valley.

"I fell in love with country WA as a ten year old girl," she said.

She has a wide experience from her professional career from working in education, child care and aged care.

"I'm a former dental nurse and I have worked as an education assistant with special needs, and early childhood and aged care," she said.

"I like to bring out the best and the potential in a young person and making sure they have an advocate.

"You can imagine in a school of 1100 students if you don't have someone going into bat for a student or students, they can be left by the wayside."

This experience has allowed her to meet a variety of people and also help them and those industries.

Mrs English said her role as a union delegate was what helped her cross over into the political sphere.

"I was fortunate that my colleagues in all my work places saw I was a leader as well as a good listening ear, so I was union delegate and contact for them," she said.

"I ended up meeting great people in the union space and then others that are affiliated with the Labor Party, so about 24 years a spark went on where I thought 'wow this is looking really great'.

"So when it came to making sure to go forward in the party it felt like a natural progression."

The seat of Forrest has been a Liberal Party strong hold since 1969 with the current member Nola Marina vying for the spot for her fifth term in government.

However, this has not bothered Mrs English and her aim to talk to as many constituents as possible.

"I got to be honest no one is really pushing that on me," she said.

"It is apparently a safe seat and I'm not saying it isn't, but I haven't had it on the doors and phones.

"When I'm walking down the streets, everything I think about is about how I bring a message and to show that I'm a genuine caring person that wants to look after this region."

Mrs English said she was a big advocate for making sure everyone, regardless of gender felt safe going to their workplace.

"Every person needs to be protected," she said.

"It should be commonplace that you feel safe wherever you go."

Mrs English couldn't say if the seat of Forrest would see the opposition leader Anthony Albanese but he was a genuine person who was very relatable to a variety of people.

"He is all about the everyday Aussie and making sure everyone has a fair go," she said.

Other federal candidates for Forrest are:

  • Nola Marino (Liberal Party)
  • Christine Terrantroy (Greens WA)
  • Helen Allan (United Australia Party)
  • Shane Mezgar (Pauline Hanson's One Nation)
  • Paul Markham (Liberal Democratic Party)