2022 Federal election sees Christine Terrantroy stand up in the seat of Forrest

Campaign trail: Greens WA senate candidate Dorinda Cox with Forrest candidate Christine Terrantroy. Picture: Supplied.

Campaign trail: Greens WA senate candidate Dorinda Cox with Forrest candidate Christine Terrantroy. Picture: Supplied.

Dalyellup resident, shire councillor and "humble school teacher" Christine Terrantroy decided to become a candidate in the 2022 federal election because of her passion for the community.

Mrs Terrantroy moved to Dalyellup in 2011 after living in the Kimberley.

While she never saw herself as a "political" person her perception began to change when she started the movement to stop fracking in the Shire of Capel.

She said it had a large impact with the Conservation Council and Lock the Gate organisations got on board to support.

Mrs Terrantroy's said knowing what her 24-year-old daughter and her potential children now face made her want to stand up for change.

"I have always cared about the earth and been passionate about my family and community and I think we have to look after the environment otherwise it will make it tough for generations to come," she said.

"I know we need to stop gas, coal and petrol.

"All the Greens policies resonate with me - we can't keep doing this.

"I genuinely care about what happens to this earth once I passed."

Mrs Terrantroy grew up in poverty and was the only one in her family to go to university.

"I tried a couple of times to go but didn't have the money to do it," she said.

"I fortunately married a man who believed in me and I went to uni at a later age."

As a result Mrs Terrantroy said she understood the everyday Australian.

"They want a fair go and be able to put food on the table and roof over their heads and the ability to have down time," she said.

"Struggling people aren't getting the time to enjoy life and their families."

The Greens Party want to see the large corporations and Australian billionaires taxed at a higher rate to "provide things we all need for a better life".

Mrs Terrantroy said this included putting dental and mental health onto medicare, prividing free education for all and gender equity and equality.

"This user pay system isn't fair when the gap between the haves and have not is getting bigger," she said.

"Adam Bandt [Green leader] said we need to think smarter, politics needs to be about integrity and finding solutions that benefit of majority of people and not excessive wealthy."

Mrs Terrantroy knows she has an uphill battle in the Liberal stronghold seat of Forrest but said she would still go out there and talk to people in the electorate.

"What can I offer to people of Forrest is I will listen to and talk to anybody," she said.

"I won't refuse to meet with people.

"I believe when people get together and show mutual respect you can find a solution together."

Holding the balance of power in Parliament is important to the Greens party, which is why Mrs Terrantroy will be helping senate candidate Dorinda Cox on her campaign.

The federal election will be held on May 21, the other Forrest candidates are:

  • Bronwen English (Australian Labor Party)
  • Nola Marino (Liberal Party)
  • Shane Mezgar (Pauline Hanson's One Nation)
  • Helen Allan (United Australia Party)
  • Paul Markham (Liberal Democratic Party)
  • Tracy Aitken (The Great Australian Party)

"We have more opportunity to push for these things we believe in the senate where we have the balance of power," she said.