A bundle of June

A LOCAL group of women have cast their net wider than they expected, and have caught what they wished for.

When the Mail published a story earlier this month about Happy June Day, when women named June get together to celebrate their name on the first day of June, the story caught the eye of another local woman, who cut out our article and sent it to a friend who had just had a baby.

Eleisha Whiston read the article about the Busselton Junes and their happy June Day wish to have more newborn baby girls given the name June.

“I gave birth to my beautiful daughter on May 25 this year and named her June Gabriel Whiston after my grandmother,” Eleisha  said.

“I thought the “Junes” may like to know that their beautiful name is still around as it was their mission this year to see more newborn baby girls named June.”

Eleisha  quickly got in touch with the Mail, and we were able to connect her with the Junes from Busselton.

Baby June’s big brother, Hugo, has his birthday on June 9, and Eleisha’s grandmother, the June she named her baby after, celebrated her 83rd birthday on Saturday.

June Anderson, the organiser and driving force behind Happy June Day, was overwhelmed when she heard there was a new born June.

“It was quite an awesome experience,” June Anderson said.

“For a small group in Busselton, taken under the wing of a local newspaper, to influence a new mum in the centre of WA, I reckon goes to show the power of the printed media. Who needs Facebook?”

Wish granted:  June Gabriel Whiston, a newborn June for our Junes.

Wish granted: June Gabriel Whiston, a newborn June for our Junes.


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