Busselton Rugby juniors have a ball

BUSSELTON Jets hosted the first rugby game of the season at Lou Weston Oval on Sunday.

The oval was awash with 350 enthusiastic rugby players ranging in ages from five to 15.

The weather was ideal for rugby with the Jets combining with the Barbarians to have the first win of the season in the Under-15s.

Strong scrums and good forward support led to clean ball to the backs. This is a confidence booster for the players and new coach Shane Donovan.

Under-13’s coach Ian Bennistan was impressed with the skill and the endeavour that his players showed and has a positive outlook for the rest of the season. Even though they were beaten, the players held their own.

The Under 11s had an 8-2 win over the Barbarian Reds and coach Bernie Leef was impressed with the talent in his team especially as the majority had not played together before. The Jets best player was Dani Donovan.

Under-9 manager Julie Darby said the Jets put in a great team effort for the first game and there were excellent tries scored by Taj Colman and Sam Jones.

There is no doubt the Under-7s stole the show, not only are they the age group with the most players, they are undoubtably the most entertaining to watch.

A huge thank you to the managers, parents, coaches and umpires of this age group who stepped in and helped make it work. The kids all had huge smiles on their faces.

The Jets junior rugby club is still looking for players, especially in the older age groups.

Please call 0457 176 398, email busseltonjets@gmail.com or visit training at Lou Weston Oval from 4.30-6pm Tuesday.