Santa's merry Marriott adventures on Fairway Drive Busselton | photos

Santa came in like a wrecking ball. And then he took the day off for some beer and pizza.

These are just a couple of the scenarios to play out on the front lawn of a Busselton family's house in the lead up to Christmas this year. 

Every year the Marriott family on Fairway Drive adds a bit of extra festive cheer to the city with the escapades of Santa. 

The family of seven positions a life-size Santa in all sorts of crazy and quirky poses. 

Their aim is to set him up in a different scenario from December 1 to Christmas Day and have done for seven years to keep everyone guessing what he will be up to when they drive past. 

Merry Marriott's: Gypsey, Jarvis, Melissa, Colin Frost, Alanah, Sadie and Anthony Marriott.

Merry Marriott's: Gypsey, Jarvis, Melissa, Colin Frost, Alanah, Sadie and Anthony Marriott.

Mr Marriott said he wanted to do  something fun and a bit different during the countdown to Christmas because lights were too common. 

"I made the original model out of a tennis ball totem pole and stuffed paper and apart from a new face this year, he's the original Santa," Mr Marriott said.   

Mrs Marriott said she woke up every morning during December and contemplated how they could surprise their neighbors that day.

"It started as a bit of fun with the kids and now the whole family gets involved," Mrs Marriott said. 

"We even had my kids class at school helping us out for ideas and we get a lot of letters from other Busselton families with suggestions." 

The family started a Marriott Fairway Santa Facebook group three years ago, which now has over 300 members. 

Mrs Marriott posts the latest adventure of Santa every morning on the page for all to see.

Some of this year's highlights include Santa Cyrus Wrecking Ball, speed camera Santa and hitchhiking Santa.

Mrs Marriott said they were planning a more traditional scenario for Christmas day which will be a hit with kids.