Busselton children learn important skills at Bukido Taijutsu

IT'S been a busy month for Sensei Phil and all the dedicated students at Bukido Taijutsu this June.

The club hosted two outdoor training days with students leaving the dojo and going bush to further their understanding of their chosen art.

“The theme for the adult training day was tai sabaki,” Sensei Phil said.

“Tai sabaki means ‘body movements’ so footwork, balance and agility were studied in great detail.

“Also other aspects of techniques like momentum  and circular movements made up many exercises.

“Fighting is not a static thing, it's extremely dynamic and fast changing so we went deeper into the type of movements that come with fight techniques.

“The use of angular and circular movements for instance can increase your effectiveness drastically,” he said.

Bukido Taijutsu also hosted an outdoor survival day for the junior members in Chapman Hill.

The kids were exposed to demonstrations of acquiring all our basic needs.

It was a fun day for all with more than 50 children in attendance.   

“These days kids spend way too much time on screens and it was so healthy for the kids to get out in the bush and learn skills that could one day save their life,” Sensei Phil said.

“Knowing how to light fires safely, find water, signal for help or find directions from the sun or stars are skills that are getting forgotten these days.

“Also it is my philosophy that total self defence training is about surviving any dangerous situation, not just being attacked by another person.

Like always our training is very wide and covers a vast array of topics, this just being another extension of what we do in the dojo,” he said. 

Also in attendance was Cyril, a south western carpet python kindly brought along by Dr David Cook.

Dr Cook gave an informative talk on snake awareness and then the kids had the chance to practice their snakebite first aid. 

For more information on Bukido Taijutsu call Phil Holt on 0438 386 012.

Life skills: Sensei Phil Holt and the children learning about snakes from Dr David Cook. Photo: supplied.

Life skills: Sensei Phil Holt and the children learning about snakes from Dr David Cook. Photo: supplied.

Sensei Phil Holt.

Sensei Phil Holt.

Finn Wright.

Finn Wright.