Postal voting packages sent ahead local government elections

The WA Electoral Commission have begun the distribution of a record number of postal voting packages ahead of the upcoming local government elections.

WA Electoral Commissioner David Kerslake said voting packages for most country councils had been despatched and would reach electors in the coming days.

The Commission have also begun distributing ballot material to electors in the Perth metropolitan area.

“With over 1.5 million packages in total, it will take several more days for them all to be delivered,” Mr Kerslake said.

Mr Kerslake urged electors to have their say on who will represent them in their local council.

“We already have a record number of candidates,” he said.

“We hope to see that level of interest flow through to the number of votes recorded.”

Mr Kerslake said ballot papers must be received by October 21 and for voters to make sure the certificate on their ballot paper envelope is signed.

For further information regarding the upcoming election, please contact the Commission’s Call Centre on 1300 661 136 or go to the Commission’s website.

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