Busselton Bowling Club's Ladies' Pennants clean sweep

Busselton Bowling Club have dominated the South West League Ladies’ Pennant competition, winning the title in each division.

The first division team finished first on the ladder and defeated Harvey in the grand final at Eaton Bowling Club.

It was Harvey’s first appearance in a first division grand final, but Busselton proved too strong – winning 68 to 42.

In the second and third divisions, Busselton finished first and second on the ladder.

This meant victory was guaranteed for the club in the grand final derbies. 

Busselton Bowling Club secretary said it was a ‘unbowlievable’ year for the club.

“We don’t know of any club that has been able to have all their divisions playing in the grand finals in the one year,” she said.

“Three flags - it was a remarkable achievement.”