Volunteer firefighter Leonard Letchford awarded for 60 years of service

Acton Park Bush Fire Brigade volunteer Leonard Letchford received an award for 60 years of service from Emergency Services Minister Fran Logan.

Mr Letchford was praised for his achievement at a function with emergency service volunteers from around the region by Busselton’s chief bushfire control officer Allan Guthrie.

Mr Guthrie said Mr Letchford had not only been a firefighter but was also the brigade’s secretary for 30 years. 

“Throughout the last few years, Mr Letchford has taken a backseat role in management, and he is still at the brigade advising and helping out where he can,” he said.

“Well done Mr Letchford and it is good to see some of us can still be a firefighter for 60 years.”

At the ceremony, Mr Letchford said without new and younger volunteers there would not be a good response to fires and believed they were hesitant to join because there was too much bureaucracy involved.

“Back in my day every young fella was expected to go to every fire. We need new, young volunteers coming forward without them we will just breakdown.”