2018 SWFL | Busselton vs Donnybrook

Busselton recorded seven millimetres of rain on Saturday and one would be excused for thinking most of it fell during the Busselton Magpies League clash with Donnybrook.

With visibility low, players were really put to the test as torrential rain, lightening and strong wind gusts blew them around Sir Stewart Bovell Park during their twilight match.

Forgivingly, it took the teams a while to score during the first quarter with the Magpies starting strong in their attack against Donnybrook.

The team were rewarded with the game’s first goal but their spirits were quickly dampened by Donnybrook which went on to kick four goals in the first quarter.

Magpies coach Steve Lester said it took his team a little while to adjust to the horrendous weather conditions and in the second half of the game they climatised better.

The team failed to score in the second quarter giving Donnybrook a 37 point lead.

“It started off okay but then we lost our way for a little bit in a quarter or so,” he said.

“We are always disappointed when we have a loss but it was really just a quarter that cost us other than that it was relatively even.

“We were outplayed during a quarter and that told the tale.”

In the second half of the match the Magpies kicked two goals, one in each quarter, with Donnybrook only managing another three goals.

The game ended with Donnybrook in front with a 40 point lead 11.8-74 to Busselton’s 4.7-31.

Because the weather conditions were so bad, Lester said it was never going to be a match where there were any standout moments.

“In terms of standouts - there might have been, but who knows - you could not see out there,” he said.

In terms of standouts - there might have been, but who knows - you could not see out there.

Busselton Magpies coach Steven Lester

“I guess the standout was the way the weather came in – even after half time – there was the initial downpour, then after half time it looked like it would clear up but then it just came in again hard.

“It was really freaky how it just pelted down.”

The team take on South Bunbury this Sunday at Hands Oval with coach Lester saying they should be fairly evenly matched.

“They have come off a good win and are a game ahead of us in the table, we need to chalk up a win to stay in touch with the top five at this stage.”

The Mapgies are currently sitting eighth on the table with 12 points, they are four points behind the Augusta Margaret River Hawks and the Eaton Bombers who are sixth and seventh on the ladder.

Lester said over the last two years his team had strongly contested matches with South Bunbury and there was not much difference in the final results.

“Historically, we seem to match up pretty well against them so the game could go either way,” he said.

The Magpies have lost their last two games, with Lester saying prior to that they were tracking as expected this season.

“The last couple of weeks has been disappointing as we had back-to-back losses but we will try and turn that around this week.”

The league game kicks off from 2.30pm on Sunday, June 17 at Hands Oval on Spencer Street in South Bunbury.

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