Dunsborough family want old cricket gear for new club in Tanzania

A Dunsborough family is seeking old or unwanted cricket equipment so they can transport the gear to a new clinic which has been established in Tanzania.

The Dagg family recently returned to WA after working in Tanzania for 18 months as teacher trainers through Australian Volunteers.

One of the sports teachers Gary Dagg worked with in Tanzania was trying introduce a cricket program there and had run a few cricket camps and coaching clinics.

Mr Dagg said there were no facilities to play cricket in Tanzania and there were no available resources whatsoever.

“We actually got a local carpenter to make a cricket bat because there were no cricket bats there, and the balls were basically made from old soccer balls.

“The children have a huge amount of talent and there is an interest in Tanzania now to play cricket, but they have nothing to play with.”

Mr Dagg was hoping, since it was the start of the cricket season, people and cricket clubs might be checking  their old gear and chucking stuff out to buy new equipment.

“I would like to collect it, anything would be appreciated to transport over to Tanzania at the end of the year,” he said.

“I already have a few bits and pieces - balls, pads, gloves, bats - anything most Australians would consider useless would be like precious gold in Tanzania.

“Anything that looks a bit old and scraggly would be really highly valued there and equipment for any age would be grateful, we would like mostly children’s stuff but adults is okay too.”

Anyone who has cricket gear they would like to donate can email and Mr Daggs will pick it up. Alternatively, it can be dropped off at Cape Naturaliste College where Mr Daggs works.