2019 Australian Traveller magazine | Yallingup named Australia's best town

City of Busslton mayor Grant Henley at Yallingup.
City of Busslton mayor Grant Henley at Yallingup.

There is plenty to love about Yallingup, a Western Australian hot spot known for its world class beaches, surf, wineries, breweries, food and hotels.

It is part of the backdrop to Gourmet Escape, one of world's biggest food and wine events, attracting international culinary stars to the region.

Surfers the world over come to the seaside town to ride the breaks which pound the spectacular coastline.

But now the cat is out of the bag with one of WA's favourite playgrounds being named Australia's best town by Australian Traveller magazine.

Australian Traveller Media editorial director Leigh-Ann Pow said each year they compiled a list of the best 100 towns in Australia, which was really popular with their readers.

Ms Pow said this year they revisited a top 10 list which they first compiled 10 years ago to see what might have changed.

"When we sat down to look at it we had a couple of towns on there that did not even make the cut 10 years ago," she said.

"Yallingup was actually one of them, and when we looked at Yallingup based on other towns on the list it came out on top.

"Yallingup has that perfect town feel about it - it is almost blissfully positioned - it is just perfect.

"You could honestly do nothing all day but sit on the beach then watch that beautiful sunset.

"It ticks a lot of boxes for families, foodies, luxe options, it has Cape Lodge there which is internationally renowned.

"When Australians travel within their own country they really like going to places which offer them that.

"For us, it did not have to have bells and whistles and it did not need 53 cafes within a three metre stretch.

"If you went there on a holiday you would know you have gone to a really lovely town.

"It is beautifully situated with natural wonders and lots of lovely things like wine close by and has luxury or camping if you want it.

"I am so sorry to let the secret out."

Caves House owner Neil Jilley said he was happy the secret was out and that Yallingup deserved to be named the best town in Australia.

Mr Jilley said Yallingup had the perfect climate, low population and was clean, green and natural.

"The community is sensational, people work hard and play hard and it is a wonderful place to holiday," he said.

"There is not much wrong with the place, it is so special and I think we have been lucky to have kept it a secret for so long."

Mr Jilley said most Western Australians had a connection to Caves House because so many people had holidayed or were married there.

"Many romanced there as young people in the gardens and danced on the beaches," he said.

Indian Ocean Longboard Club member Mick Marlin said he had surfed around the world and the whole surf vibe at Yallingup could not be beaten.

"The car park and viewing area, the statue, the lagoon and that beautiful peak with the vista running up to Sugarloaf Rock," he said.

"The people make a difference as well, such a good crowd of surfers, swimmers and sunbathers.

"Plus it's a justly deserved Australian Surfing Reserve with a rich history."

City of Busselton mayor Grant Henley said for people who knew Yallingup the recognition was no surprise.

"When you think about the broader area, Yallingup has wineries, breweries, caves, a lighthouse and the whole attraction of that Cape," he said.

"Byron Bay and Noosa are long established iconic tourism destinations where people will still go in droves.

"It is just great to get awareness of this region and again recently through the 2019 Lonley Planet Asia Pacific Destinations.

"They were really focused on this neck of the woods, which is really good."

Vasse MLA Libby Mettam said Western Australians have long known and loved the laid-back vibe and natural beauty of the area.

Ms Mettam said the only surprise in this award was that has taken so long for the Eastern Staters to recognise how good it is.

Its now up to the McGowan Government to capitalise on the award and attract tourists keen to escape the Eastern States for a more relaxed holiday experience with the perfect mix of surf, nature and top-class wineries and eateries, she said.

Tourism Minister Paul Papalia said with a pristine coastline perfect for swimming and surfing, premium local food and wine and attractions like the stunning Ngilgi Cave, there was no question Yallingup offered visitors a fantastic holiday experience.

"Its great news that not only was Yallingup recognised with the title of top town in Australian Traveller magazines top Australian towns list, but that Broome came in at number five," he said.

"This meant WA was the only state to have two towns in the top five, which speaks to our appeal as a must-visit tourism destination.

"Our inclusion in this list, as well as the recent Lonely Planet announcement of Margaret River and Southern WA as the number one Asian-Pacific destination for 2019, provided valuable promotion of these locations, including through media and social media coverage, to prospective visitors."