Busselton selected for new Australian study from RMIT University

Busselton is one of eleven mid-size towns in Australia to be selected for new research from RMIT University.

The research will look at what life is like in Busselton, what brings people to town and what connects them to community.

RMIT University researchers are keen to hear from Busselton locals about quality of life in their town.

An online survey is open now and asks questions about employment, education, environment, services and community connection.

The research is funded by the Regional Australia Institute to fill a gap in their knowledge of mid-size towns in Australia.

Regional researcher professor Bruce Wilson said there were many liveability rankings out there, but many were aimed at big cities and international firms.

"We know that mid-size towns (between 5000 and 50,000 people) play an important role in Australian regions," he said.

"This is a chance for these communities to tell us what quality of life means to them.

"We know people are particularly interested to live in towns like Busselton.

"We want to know what attracts them to those places and what would lead them to leave, and what are the things that make a place a really good place to live.

Mr Wilson said previous research found there were three different sets of things which attracted people to places like Busselton.

"The first is a job, the second is quality of education and health and the third is the natural environment and whether it was a pretty and pleasant place to be," he said.

"Against that are the differences within the community and power plays."

The study will also be conducted in La Trobe Valley in Victoria and the area around Gympie and Killaroy in Queensland.

"We are really looking forward to reporting the findings to the communities where we conduct the research," he said.

"We want to be able to say to people in Busselton these are some of the insights which have come out of the work."

The research will result in a report to the Regional Australia Institute on supporting quality of life in country communities.

The researchers hope that the research will also be useful to local people who are working to build vibrant communities in mid-size towns.

If you're aged between 18 and 74 and are interested in completing this survey, please click the following link survey2.instinctandreason.com/start/?s=648641.

The survey closes on December 6, 2019.