2020 Busselton Jetty Swim records broken | Photos

The 25th anniversary of the Busselton Jetty Swim saw record numbers of people participate in the 3.6 kilometre swim around the jetty.

Around 3,300 people took part with Bunbury swimmer Kyle Lee beating the previous record crossing the finish line in first place at 39 minutes 41.5 seconds.

Lee just beat Lars Bottelier from the Netherlands who finished the race in 39 minutes 41.8 seconds.

The first female to cross the finish line was Jamie Bowler who finished the swim in 42 minutes 48.1 seconds.

Bowler was followed by fellow competitor Rebekah Weller who finished the swim in 43 minutes 6.7 seconds and was the second female to cross the line.

In the group category, two person relay team Da Ps Boys from Perth, including Ben Russell and Luke Petite, were the first to cross the finish line in 44 minutes 01.8 seconds.

Four person relay team, Tradies Get the Ladies consisting of Harry Alliss, Xavier Collins, Kale Arena and ackson Anderson were the second team to finish in 48 minutes 49.4 seconds.

This year's event saw the second time organisers held the one mile swim making the Busselton Jetty Swim more accessible for people of all abilities.

Nevee Fasher was the first to finish the one mile dash in 23 minutes 33.1 seconds, followed by Xavier Foley who finished in 25 minutes 29 seconds.

In the children's swim, Madeline Harvey finished the race in 2 minutes 41.3 seconds and was followed by Oscar Topham who finished in 2 minutes 49.9 seconds.